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20 questions total, 45 minutes maximum, for mid-level programmers

Our iOS and Objective-C online test makes hiring the right programmer easy.

By testing candidates' knowledge on real-world iOS/Objective-C coding problems, the test helps you identify the most qualified iOS developer for the job.

This Objective-C programming test consists of 20 questions, each carefully created by world-class developers to reflect most important iOS programming challenges.

Online test includes:

iOS & Objective-C  -  20 Questions

Sample iOS & Objective-C Test Question

Consider the following method:

Sample iOS and Objective-C Question

What needs to be modified in order to correctly manage memory when compiled with ARC?

(No special knowledge of Core Text is required to answer this question correctly; you need only consider Core Foundation naming conventions.)


1. Line 2 should be replaced with:

Answer 1

2. Line 2 should be replaced with:

Answer 2

3. Line 4 should be followed by:

Answer 3

4. Line 4 should be removed.

And line 1 should be replaced with:

Answer 4

The correct answer is 1.

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