HTML5 & CSS3 Test

20 questions total, 30 minutes maximum, for mid-level programmers

The HTML/CSS online test allows you to easily assess the programming skills of candidates before inviting them to face-to-face interview.

This quiz consists of 40 questions written and reviewed by a team of veteran HTML programmers. It covers a wide spectrum of HTML and CSS knowledge and allows you to automatically determine which candidates are best suited to the front-end job and should be invited to a live interview.

We hope you'll make use of our HTML coding test to streamline your interview process!

Online test includes:

HTML5 / CSS3  -  20 Questions

  • CSS Selectors
  • CSS Specificity
  • Box Model
  • Layout: Flexbox & Grid
  • Responsive Design
  • Miscellaneous: HTML Tags, Fonts, CSS Variables

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