Android Test

20 questions total, 50 minutes maximum, for mid-level programmers

The Android online test identifies candidates' skill levels — before you invite them to interview.

This coding test consists of 20 questions, written by professional Android developers to reflect the real-world challenges of Android programming.

By assessing the candidate's breadth of knowledge on Android, the programming test will help you select the most qualified, well-wounded developer from among a pool of applicants.

Online test includes:

Android  -  20 Questions

  • Android General
  • Views & Layouts
  • Services, API
  • Lifecycle
  • Configuration
  • Threading, Performance, Memory Management

Sample Android Test Question

What is potentially wrong with the following Android code?

Sample Android Question


  1. MainActivity will be leaked if the user leaves the activity before the long operation is complete.
  2. You cannot start a new thread from the onCreate() of an Activity.
  3. The Bundle savedInstanceState cannot be Nullable.
  4. The Thread created will lock up the Android application.

The correct answer is 1.

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